ACE Mentor Program

Mentoring the Next Generation of Construction Professionals

Model Summary

The Architecture Construction Engineering (ACE) Mentor Program is a free afterschool offering, which over the course of 15 sessions exposes high school students to careers in the design and construction industry through real-world mock design and engineering projects. Students are guided through a project by their volunteer architect, engineer and construction management mentors and gain valuable exposure to businesses and leaders within the industry.

Nationwide, approximately 20 percent of students in the ACE Mentor Program participate annually in internships with ACE-affiliated companies. Using Gilbane Building Company’s adoption of the ACE Mentor Program as an example, the utility of the model for many other companies in the design and construction industry is made clear.

Key Elements of the Model

  • Pathway to careers in construction architecture, design or engineering
  • Mentorship Opportunities for paid internships
  • Pipeline for design and construction businesses of varying sizes
  • Leadership, communication, presentation and critical-thinking skills training