Students get a sneak peak at a powerful career path

Students at a New York City high school recently got a sneak peek at a potentially powerful career path – the growing field of supply chain management. APICS, the association for supply chain management, recently partnered with a Harlem’s Urban Assembly School for Global Commerce (UASGC) to raise awareness of the many diverse and exciting career pathways the field has to offer.

Students, teachers and industry volunteers were brought together in October 2018 for a two-day program consisting of guest speakers, mock interviews, focus groups and APICS Supply Chain STEM activities. All the activities – including lunch for everyone – were connected in a fun and engaging way, inspiring at-risk youth to see supply chain management as a local, multi-faceted, interesting and realistic career pathway.

The APICS program was supported by a National Network grant focused on creating supply chain management career awareness and the sharing of teaching resources that schools across the country can use to introduce students to supply chain management concepts and careers.

The two-day event at UASGC will also be used to provide footage for a three-minute supply chain management career awareness video, with the theme, “Supply Chain Management Right Here in My Hometown Community.” The video will be publicly available on the APICS YouTube Channel, and will be offered for use by educators, industry representatives, associations, students and parents to share information about the many career opportunities in supply chain management – in their home area and around the country.

The activities and programming can also be used as a model for APICS chapters and volunteers to use when working with their local schools. This is all part of a community engagement model specified by the National Network grant that can be readily replicated nationwide by groups that want to inspire local career pathway awareness and interest in any field – including supply chain management.